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Peg and Gary Bickle

Peg and Gary Bickle
October 6, 2015 Rough Cut Lodge

As soon as we opened the door to our room, it was like we walked into our home. It is tastefully decorated, and so inviting! I was very impressed with the kitchen. Most times when a place advertises that the kitchen is fully equipped, it usually isn’t. Everything that I needed was at my fingertips. It truly was fully equipped. Imagine my surprise when I opened the oven and found a cast iron skillet! The double recliner was very comfortable. I so wanted to try the fireplace, but maybe next time on a cooler weekend! We took advantage of the rockers on the balcony to enjoy the view of Pine Creek and the mountains. Oh, one other very important thing is that the room and bathroom were spotless!

I would have to say that our first visit to the lodge was a very good one and so relaxing! Diana was so welcoming and friendly. Michelle, you handled the reservation and answered all my questions. We definitely will return to Rough Cut Lodge!
Thank you for giving us the means to escape for a weekend!